This is a Regenerative Lifestyle, MEMBERS ONLY, Community Supported Farming Program and NOT a centralized Grocery Store. 

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We are a private organization of living men and women operating as a FOOD CHURCH to help educate consumers about Food Freedom, Health Independence and How to enjoy a Regenerative Lifestyle. We do this because of our love for mankind and out of the goodness of our hearts.  Our work is best explained in the book,

"Farm to Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force" written by our founder, Niti Bali. 

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In a world of conflicting dietary information, Niti shares her simplified and proven pillars of nutrition based on the Universal Law of Nature. She introduces leading edge ideas to her Community Supported Farming Program participants promoting the realignment of your innate guidance system by choosing regenerative meats, animal fats, eggs, fish, raw dairy and herbs. She then offers the preparation techniques to create meals that offer bioavailable nutrients that heal and support the gut microbiome on a cellular level. 

In her book, Niti shares her personal story, reveals the lessons she learned as a result of it and then created a movement that led to her Food Church. Her church, that is not about religion but about Food Freedom and Health Independence, serves as the demonstration for the world seeking solutions about how to gain back the health offered to all of us who want it, designed by Nature.

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Homo Sapiens Sapiens are designed to eat.

 FUN FACT:   Why is "sapiens" twice?  Explanation: The reason that "sapiens" is repeated twice is that there are two subspecies of Homo sapiens. 

One is Homo sapiens sapiens, which refers to modern humans. The other is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, which refers to Neanderthals.


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