This is a Regenerative Lifestyle MEMBERS ONLY Community Supported Agricultural Program and NOT a centralized Grocery Store. To learn more about what we do, we suggest you come and take a personal tour at our distribution location in Raleigh, NC.


We are a nonprofit organization operating as a FOOD CHURCH to help educate consumers about Food Freedom, Health Independence and How to enjoy a Regenerative Lifestyle. Our work is best explained in the book, "Farm to Fork Meat Riot | Regenerating Life Giving Force" written by our founder, Niti Bali. 

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In a world of conflicting dietary information, Niti shares her simplified and proven pillars of nutrition based on the Universal Law of Nature. She introduces leading edge ideas to her Community Supported Agricultural Program participants promoting the realignment of your innate guidance system by choosing regenerative meats, animal fats, eggs, fish, raw dairy and herbs. She then offers the preparation techniques to create meals that offer bioavailable nutrients that heal and support the gut microbiome on a cellular level. 

In her book, Niti shares her personal story, reveals the lessons she learned as a result of it and then created a movement that led to her Food Church. Her church, that is not about religion but about Food Freedom and Health Independence, serves as the demonstration for the world seeking solutions about how to gain back the health offered to all of us who want it, designed by Nature.

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Here is what people are saying about the book:

"We are truly at a fork in the road. We can accept multiple forms of poisoning from the industrial food and medical systems, or we can assert intellectual mastery of what it takes to be healthy and then take responsibility to implement our diet and lives from there. Please don’t tell me it cannot be done. It can. Niti Bali’s life and work prove that. If this is a war, mothers are the Marines and Navy Seals. Again and again, it is the mothers whose children have been damaged or killed by what I call “the great poisoning” who are leading the way. Making this change takes time and requires inspiration—but the results are gratifying. The more of us who do it, the easier it becomes for all of us. If you could use some inspiration, check out Niti Bali’s book or listen to Pete’s interview with her on the Solari Report Food Series", ~ Catherine Austin Fitts


Bad Baxter Farm

5.0 out of 5 stars  I have found my tribe!


July 27, 2019


As a small farmer, I have been struggling with the fact that most don't care to do things right, if it costs them time or money, I hear "I can't because..." A lot. Long drawn out conversation of just excuse after excuse because easy is better, faster, more lucrative, right? Wrong. I have lost many a friend by my beliefs of doing something better...for health of livestock, human, earth. I've been public about the negative health effects of corn, soy, wheat, GRAIN, all alone. Understanding that animal food rations aren't made for health and wellness of life but for fast growth, profit and production is hit on hard in this book. Thank you Niti!

I have found friends in this book who "get it".

Niti Bali proves it can be done, that for your health, it needs to be done. Her farmers are proving it can be and her goal is to help as many people as she can reach.

I WAS IN TEARS THE ENTIRE BOOK. I could relate to her passion. She screams from the top of her lungs with no regret, shutting down the excuses be it customer, farmer or USDA, then shows them a better way. It can be done.

A few stand out quotes:

"How do you know you're sick, if you've only known sickness?"

"While humans believe they know more than nature, their arrogance leads towards their detriment"

"There is no 80/20 rule for poison"

My heart broke for her as a mother but a fire ignited in me as I read her journey through strength from the loss of sweet Meena and the chain reaction it caused to bring a community to health. She's now sharing It with the world via Farm to Fork Meat Riot. These are real people doing real, amazing things! I reached out to several of them as I read the amazing words #feedfreedom, #getoutofthegrocerystore, #lifegivingforce #foodfreedom
They responded to me with love, time and beautiful advice.

You don't have to be a farmer to learn from this book. Consumers will open their eyes, drop the "yeah buts" and get on board to better themselves. My tears were for Niti, but also for my own wellness journey, because her words were so black and white. She's brutally honest and I love it so much, in a world where we are the weirdos for wanting better, asking the tough questions that nobody seems to want to talk about. Niti will ask them of you, me, producers, doctors, and she will demand a real answer from all of us. Niti's passion is addictive and if she can guide people through all of her loss and pain, we have no excuses good enough. Her strength to stand up to the doctors, to know as a mother what is best for her family and children to help other families return to their healthy selves. Her voice is unapologetically full of tough love in hopes of preventing more unnecessary illness and suffering.

There's so much love in this book, for everyone. It was sent to me at just the right time in my life to take it all in. I am a believer in her food church and cannot wait to see what this amazing woman does next.

Blaze Baxter

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