Is it 100% grass fed? 
Is it 100% grass finished? 
Is it 100% grain free? 
Is it 100% pharmaceutical free? (no antibiotics, no growth hormones, np dewormers) 
What is their deworming protocol. 
Ask about parasite management. 
Did you know that grasses can be GMO? 
What species of grass make up their pastures (salad bar)? Do they plant anything other than grass? We plant a large variety of legumes, broad leaves, brassicas, herbs in addition to a large variety of grasses to increase nutrition in the pastures. Do the beeves have a large diversity of greens to enjoy? Is their soil alive? Do they use chemicals on the land? Are there bugs in the soil, worms? 
How healthy is the pasture and how diverse is it? 
How do they feed their soil? 
What are they putting on the land? 
Fertilizers using chicken feces from factory farm houses include high concentrations of arsenic & antibiotics from the chicken feed which is fed to the grass, which feeds the beeves, which feeds YOU. 
Pharmaceutical fertilizers kill the microbes in the soil which means EVERYTHING in the soil is dead including worms and other bugs which feed the grass, which feeds the beeves, which feeds YOU. 
Did you know that the production of fertilizer for feed crops can emit 41 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year? 
Ask about soil health- are their live microbes and bugs under the soil because if there are not there is no nutrition in the grass therefore starving your beeves of nutrition, and therefore starving YOU or nutrient dense beef.
Weed killers mean your animals are eating glyphosates if their pastures were grown with roundup ready seed. Are their pastures petrochemical/GMO free? 
Did you know that alfalfa grass is GMO? 
Did you know that alfalfa is the main species of grass that is fed to milking cows which is transferred into the milk which means you are drinking roundup? 
Are their pastures sprayed with government subsidized sludge fertilizer which is distributed for free and applied to the pasture for the farmer for FREE by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Quality and permitted by NC State law following EPA guidelines? 
Farmers are not told of the myriad toxic substances and pathogens found in sewage sludge (such as chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, meth amphetamines and other street drugs, viruses, bacteria, etc.) and your beef is eating it and so are you! 
Ask about the supplemental, stored grass (hay). 
Did they buy the hay or grow the hay? 
If they bought the hay, please return to the top of the post and ask those questions again about the hay.

Do they have multiple species on their land? We use multiple species on the land to manage the parasitic and worm issues naturally. It is suggested that the beef ranchers use birds to clean their pastures. Poultry contributes towards disinfecting the land naturally. What about lamb, donkeys, goats or other herbivores? By including a variety of species, the parasitic and worm load is eliminated so pharmaceutical use can be fully eliminated.