Hardcore, activist, world changing, educational
By:    (Apr 25, 2016)

Literally found this place by accident! I have been teaching what Farm to Fork Meat offers for the past 9 years to thousands of patients but it wasn't until I found this place that I felt like I could congruently direct them to THE BEST place to get animal products (and others). I love it and it has been a blessing to me and patients. Support the cause or our food will be gone as we know it!

Gene Hunter
By: Gene Hunter    (Apr 20, 2016)

I found Farm to Fork Meat last spring and joining it has been a big blessing come true in my life. The food we have been eating over the last few decades in the US has been killing us!! When I first started eating Niti's food it reminded me of the food I ate as a child in the 1950's It is so flavorful, nourishing, satisfying, fulfilling and chemical free. Niti is an expert on how to use real food in place of medicine for rejuvenating your health by giving your body the natural nutrition it needs to heal and flourish.

The rates of cancer and other killing diseases are soaring in the US. I have had personal experience with several of my younger friends in their 40's getting cancer and dying. It feels like spin the bottle- who will be next? Farm to Fork Meat IS the solution and I feel so much better knowing that my family and I are being protected from cancer and disease. 

Highly Recommended!
By: Beth Wilson    (Apr 20, 2016)

Farm to Fork Meat and the owner, Niti Bali, have changed the way my family eats. Niti's passion and high standards for the food she sells are beyond any other CSA around. The education that Niti constantly provides, whether in classes or in one-on-one conversations, is priceless. It's hard to put into words what an invaluable resource Farm to Fork Meat is. No, it's not quite as simple as running to the grocery store around the corner, but being able to provide my family with the foundation for healthy living is worth a few extra minutes of drive time.

The cleanest food you will find!
By: Kelly Scott    (Apr 18, 2016)

I found Farm to Fork Meat after doing a ton of research on what is actually good for us to eat and learning that you can't buy fully grass fed meat in any big grocery store! Yes, that's right... I know they say it is grass fed, but it usually ate grass and other stuff, too. Niti knows her stuff so you can stop going crazy trying to learn the truth (because big businesses will do anything and everything to hide the truth from you!) and just ask HER. Both of my Parents had Parkinson's and that is directly related to pesticides... everywhere .. especially our food. I want to feed my family healthy...real food... and prevent any sickness. Prevention is the best cure!

Welcome to the "Farmacy"
By: Lee Tyler    (Apr 18, 2016)

Farm to Fork Meat has been my life changing "discovery". I went online looking for places to purchase high quality food. That's how I found Farm to Fork Meat and the driving force behind it, Niti Bali. What an impressive lady! Niti backs her passion for clean eating with a warehouse of knowledge about nutrition and where to find the best quality meats, dairy and vegetables. That is what you will find here. She reminded me that Farm to Fork Meat is not a store at all, but a "farmacy", where you can find the high quality food you need, along with training sessions, and Niti's suggestions and recommendations about all health topics. When you come to this place, you are entering an area that is only a partial vision of what she is building. She embraces the power of having big dreams, and I believe that her "why" is big enough to accomplish her dreams. I strongly encourage you to come by and meet Niti and her sidekick Destiny and experience a new definition of health. Oh, and sign up!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
By: Shari Bentzel    (Apr 18, 2016)

Farm to Fork seems to good to be true, but folks, this is the REAL DEAL! Niti, our "compissionate" leader, only works with farmers who absolutely, positively DO NOT spray or use GMO feed ! The fruit /veggies are fresh and DELISH! The meat is outstandiing and grass fed...our family has SEEN so many health benefits and feel better than EVER!!!! You will NOT be sorry if you participate in this CSA! DO IT TODAY!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

So Much More...
By: Destiny Ciarrocchi    (Apr 18, 2016)

I mean, maybe you just want a place to get clean food and that's OK, but you'd be missing out on everything else that makes this CSA leaps and bounds beyond anything you never even knew you needed! I was one of those people that thought shopping at Whole Foods was the BEST thing I could do for my family and I was super proud of myself for it. Bless my heart. Once I walked in the door and had my first meeting with Niti, I realized I was never even asking the right questions! How could I expect to to know what "organic" was or "grass fed" or "cage free" when I wasn't even educated about what that meant? You can't know what you can't know but Niti KNOWS! And she is HAPPY to tell you! And PASSIONATE about the QUALITY of our food! She has every reason to be! If you don't know her story check out Raleigh Magazine for the cliff's notes version or better yet, stop by the CSA and check it out. If you don't care about all that know this: Farm To Fork Meat has the CLEANEST food you can find.

One of the best CSAs around
By: Josh Stevens    (Apr 22, 2014)

This CSA has been a true blessing, I couldn't be happier with it. When I started looking for an alternate source for food than the supermarket, meats were one of my biggest concerns. I was looking for ethically and organically raised meats as well as organically grown fruits and vegetables; I found this CSA through a friend and have been a member for almost a year and would highly recommend it for anyone considering options local to the Raleigh area.

The selection of products is unparalleled and includes not only meats and produce but also dairy and raw dairy items, fresh seafood, nuts, seeds; really everything you might need. Selecting your weekly food items couldn't be simpler, I love the online store and with the new distribution center, picking up items is extremely convenient. Niti has been a great resource for not only products but also a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and the best preparation techniques. Highly recommended!

Farm to Fork will change your life
By: Sara Burrows    (Oct 22, 2012)

Niti's CSA is a lifeline for me and my family. She provides us with real, nutrient-dense foods we can't find anywhere else. She also provides us with invaluable free information about what we should be eating to keep ourselves and our children healthy and disease-free.

Once you start eating the high-quality food she recommends and sells, there is no going back. Regular grocery store food tastes like and makes you feel like garbage.

I literally get sick every time I go out of town and don't have access to Niti's food for a few days or more.

As a nursing mother, I feel so grateful to have access to some of the only real, honest, medicinal food left on the planet and that Niti is working so hard to make sure that food still exists for our children's children.

Niti and Farm to Fork have improved my family's health and quality of life, and for that I am forever indebted to her.

Convenience, Quality, Honesty
By: catherine gullison    (Jun 1, 2012)

I am proud to be a part of this CSA. Niti is a wealth of knowledge in what to buy and how to cook it. Ask her anything about food and health. She always takes the time to respond quickly to any questions I have and usually gives me the history behind her answer. The quality of the food is phenomenal. Fresh caught NC coastal fish, fruits, veggies, grains, dairy, soy free eggs, duck eggs, MEAT, bread, gluten free. Niti also goes out of her way to make your food pick-up easy and convenient. She is also picky about which farms she supports. I am thankful to have been introduced to her CSA.

By: Erin Monasterio    (Mar 11, 2012)

I have been a member of Farm To Fork for over two years. I wanted to feed my family real food while also supporting the local farms. I belonged to another CSA when I found F2F, and what I loved initially was to be able to order a la carte. I decided to try it out, ended up canceling my other membership and have never looked back. Best decision I ever made. We have always been very satisfied with everything we have ordered. We have items that have become a staple in our pantry. Not only do you get real meat and veggies, but you also have fresh caught seafood from our shore! Plus all the extras (gluten free, baked goods, pantry items, fresh made pastas and more!) I have never had more fun shopping for food! Niti is so passionate and it shows. I am confident that everything offered in her CSA is the best offered locally AND she is always working to bring you the best price without compromising quality. If you don't know how to prepare a certain cut of meat or type of fish, recipes come along with the items on the web site. I have enjoyed watching this CSA grow and am always excited to see all the new types of products she seeks out! I highly recommend this CSA to my family and all my friends. It has improved my family's health. I am proud to be a member of Farm To Fork.

Much More Than Great Local Food
By: Beth Wilson    (Mar 10, 2012)

When I signed up for Farm to Fork I hoped to find a good, simple source for fresh, wholesome, ethically produced local foods. What I have gotten is WAY more than that. Yes, each week when I order I receive fantastic meats, produce, baked goods, etc. all in abundance for what I pay. But I also get the owner, Niti, who cares about educating and supporting her customers by sharing all that she has learned in her quest for providing the very best for her own family. I truly believe that she cares as much about what goes on my family's table as she does what goes on her own. Her mission is so very much more than just the "business" side of Farm to Fork.

Farm to Fork CSA
By: Suzanne Wilson    (Mar 10, 2012)

My family and I have been using Niti's CSA for almost two years now. With two small children, I don't have the time to do the legwork to figure out which farms have the best food and then go around to different markets to pick everything up. With Farm to Fork you can order everything from one place and know that Niti has vetted all the suppliers. Ordering is a la carte so you get exactly what you want. Niti makes it easy for you to eat high-quality local food!

Great meats! and other wonderful things
By: Jillian Mickens    (Mar 10, 2012)

We've been with Farm to Fork for quite a while now. We really love and appreciate being members of this CSA. Farm to Fork has convenient drop off locations and lots of wonderful meats, seafood and other products (great soap!) to choose from. The best thing about Farm to Fork is that I know that animals are being raised humanely. It's also great to know that the farmers and anglers are being treated fairly and receiving the right price for all their hard work and commitment to healthy, humane food.

Farm to Fork Meat CSA
By: Colleen Leonard    (Mar 10, 2012)

I joined Niti's Farm to Fork Meat CSA and have been nothing but pleased. The vegetables are always fresh and at their peak. The meats have been delicious. Her baked gluten free foods have been terrific for my son who has celiacs. We have been impressed with not only the breadth of offerings but also the ability to choose everything a la carte! Having been in a few other CSA's this is by far the best one around and I've not seen anything else quite like it out there!

Farm to Fork Meat is the Best!
By: Courtney Napier    (Mar 9, 2012)

I am one of Niti's newest customers and I have had an impeccable experience with her so far! She is one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met! She is warm and personable and I don't feel like just another customer to her. After I received my first order of food I was blown away by the quality and quantity for the amount of money I paid. She truly has made the highest quality of food accessible to her community. I'm a newlywed and I don't think my husband and I will ever go back to conventional grocery shopping for produce and other fresh foods. I am truly blessed to have stumbled upon Farm to Fork Meats!

The best CSA in NC
By: Douglas Clark    (Mar 9, 2012)

I have been with Niti and Farm to Fork for over a year now and it has been nothing but amazing. The selection is great. The products are the freshest I have ever had. Customer service is top notch. Nothing but good things to say about this CSA.

Absolutely Fantastic!
By: Stephanie Monk    (Mar 9, 2012)

Getting my food from Niti Bali and Farm to Fork Meat is the best choice I ever made for my family. Niti Bali is the best source for local, sustainable fruits/veggies, meats, dairy, etc around. Niti puts in 110% into making sure her food is it in purest form and only healthy ingredients are used. She is an absolutely amazing woman with incredible knowledge and dedication to providing the healthiest food for our bodies. Everything thing I have purchased from Niti has been delicious. She even has a Gluten-Free baker with all sorts of yummy goodies. I love Farm to Fork Meat!

Love that Farm to Fork!
By: Ann Clark    (Mar 9, 2012)

Niti Bali has not only knowledge about food but more importantly the energy to make sure that the members have access to her knowledge! Her CSA provides nutritious foods, even amazing gluten free baked goods. I feel good knowing that we eat sustainable products as well as support our local economy and local vendors. Thanks, Niti! Ann in Wake Forest

Back to quality
By: PEnny Hoglund    (Jul 20, 2010)

Niti Bali is one of the most dedicated advocates in supporting our local farmers and providing the community with fresh, minimally handled, eco friendly food. Every purchase has been a step back in time when food came straight from the field to the table.. the way my grandparents provided for the family. THank you Niti for bringing back quality and wholesome yummy food! Penny Hoglund Raleigh NC

One stop shop
By: Stephanie Hall    (Mar 5, 2010)

If you are looking for a variety of local products from a reputable source without having to run all over the place to find them - Farm to Fork is for you. Niti has done a terrific job of compiling a mobile market with local "beyond organic" foods. She has completely vetted all of the farms for the products she provides - so you can be assured that you are getting a product that is exactly what it is supposed to be.

Very lucky to be a member of this program!
By: Jillian Mickens    (Nov 14, 2009)

My husband and I have been on quest to be smarter consumers for the past few years. When I first learned about FarmtoFork, I was having a difficult time buying most of my meat. Though a lot of grocery stores offer organically raised meats, it was still difficult to figure out where the meat came from and if they were truly using humane farming practices. Not to mention that a lot of the organic meats travel thousands of miles before it ever reaches the grocery store. For awhile, we considered becoming vegetarians because we had no way of finding ethically raised meats that we were comfortable purchasing and eating.

FarmtoFork solved all those problems! Niti has an amazing relationship with all her suppliers. She can tell you anything you want to know about your food and the farmer practices associated with it. I have no doubt that my food is raised ethically and comes from the best farmers and fishermen.

The best part about this program (besides for yummy meat) is how it supports the North Carolina community by providing income to local farmers and fishermen. This program is also amazing because I no longer have to purchase meat that has traveled thousands of miles.

If you're looking to be a smarter consumer, this program is definitely for you. Niti, the food and the farmers and fishermen are amazing! Niti makes ordering and delivering the food very simple. You will not reject joining this CSA! I'm a member for life!

Convenient and Delicious
By: Karim Nice    (Nov 2, 2009)

We have been with Farm to Fork for a couple of months using their delivery service. All of the meat is very tasty, the hamburger patties make the best burgers I've ever had. Pork products are really good, especially the sausages and bacon (which is huge and meaty). They also have chicken, lamb, eggs, fresh seafood, goat, and other interesting meats. We've had fun sampling all the different cuts of meat - we often have "mixed grill" for dinner. One night it was goat loin chops, beef hanger steak, and triggerfish.

The service is very convenient for us; we have not bought meat at the grocery store since we started. We order a week's worth of meat on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday. We also can order fresh (never frozen) seafood on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. The seafood is amazing.

Finally, the main reason we use the service is so that we can have "happy meat". Not factory farmed, and fed who-knows-what. Hopefully by supporting local farmers who raise their animals naturally we'll be able to increase the availability of happy meat.

Love it!
By: Melanie Rivers    (Oct 23, 2009)

In this day and age, I thought finding good, healthy, local food was impossible until I became a member of Farm to Fork. I cannot say enough good things about it! The meat, chicken and seafood are outstanding! Absolutely delicious! You can actually taste the difference that it is fresh and the real thing. The produce, eggs, bread, everything is just amazing. I am so thankful to Niti and Farm to Fork. I can sleep better at night knowing that I am providing my family with healthy and nutritious food from our local farmers! Thank you Farm to Fork!!

Awesome CSA
By: Jennifer Soboleski    (Oct 22, 2009)

The food is awesome and I love that it is fresh and local. I had stopped eating beef and pork because I couldn't stand the though of factory farmed meat with questionable backgrounds. The meat farm to fork supplies is delicious and I can eat it with confidence. My family loves the fresh, never frozen fish. Even though it costs more I don't think we'll ever go back to store-bought fish or meat. To me it is worth the extra cost to know the provenance of the food I eat. Just follow the news and it makes you see how questionable factory-farmed meat is for your health and the environment. I also like that I am supporting agriculture in North Carolina and local farmers who work to provide wonderful food that tastes like food should.

Niti is a wonderful person and does her best to make her customers happy.

Excellent all around
By: Jennifer Owens    (Aug 12, 2009)

I happened upon Farm to Fork thanks to a mom at my girls' dance class. Since my first order, I continue to be impressed. They say excellence is in the details, and that is exactly what Farm to Fork does!

The excellence is not only in the customer service that Mrs. Bali delivers, but also in the meats and seafood. The pasture-fed pork, chicken and beef is tender and flavorful. The seafood, in my daughter's words "tastes better than at the beach!"

I would recommend this to everyone. How can we not support these farmers that may, literally, live next door?