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All orders must be picked up within the delivery time slot that has been scheduled for each drop or your order will be forfeited. We cannot guarantee the freshness of your product if it is not picked up on time. Our farm fresh product does not meet inspection standards for the stores we are delivering out of so product will not be held overnight under any circumstances. If you need a delivery to be held back you must notify Niti 24 hours in advance via email [email protected] and phone 919-606-0320.  You must send it in writing and make a phone call.  *All of our farm fresh foods are alive; delaying the delivery of your order removed all liability from Niti and her partners regarding the freshness of the product you receive.  Fish will be put in the freezer immediately when you request a delay in delivery and produce may or may not be available for the next delivery week.  You will still be billed for any dairy products that are scheduled to be delivered to you despite your 24 hour cancellation.  We encourage you to mark your calendar and set reminders for pick up days and possibly have a friend or neighbor lined up to help you in a jam.