Joel and Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm provide us with pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs and beef as we need it. We have been supporting the development of several local regenerative producers. As producers start, stall, fail or move on, Polyface is our backup. Some of these new farm families as still learning the timing of things from eggs to beeves - so if we are unable to locally source anything - Polyface helps us maintain our commitment to the eaters. You will have food security here in our CSA because of relationships like the one we have with Polyface farm. NC has the largest industrialized farms in the world and we are working hard to restore the regenerative small family farm food system one bite a time. This take time, but we are changing our food landscape with each meal and every bite!

LOCALS SEAFOOD provides us with the freshest 1-3 day trip seafood out of several ports up and down the NC coastline every week. We are supporting several small anglers who are out on day trip boats every day, all year long. They are hand catching all our fish that are great for eating and not giant oversized fish that come off commercial fishing boats. Day trip fish are the freshest you can get. These boats go out on the water for the day and are back to the dock at the end of the day. Commercial fishing vessels are out on the water for up to a month at a time and do not come back to shore until their hull is full. Those fish are dipped in various preservative dips (generally some type of sulfites) to preserve them for up to a month or more until the boats return to shore. These large commercial vessels also drag nets and long lines damaging the ocean floor and disrupting ocean life killing innocent sea creatures in their wake. They also waste fish that they feel are too small to bring to market that inadvertently get caught in their nets or long line hooks. We want small young fish for eating and not GIANT FISH for selling. Our fish are young and small so they are not old toxic fish like their commercial counterparts which are dense with heavy metals such as the mercury everyone is always trying to avoid when searching for clean seafood to enjoy.

Paige & Derrick Jackson own Grass Grazed Farm and are providing us with pasture raised pork, chicken eggs and chicken all year long. Located in Northern Durham, Grass Grazed Farm is the 60 acre farmstead of the Jackson family. They raise pastured livestock based on principles of regenerative agriculture on their farm and on additional leased acreage nearby. They believe in being good stewards of their land while providing eaters (and themselves) with healthy, wholesome, delicious meat. They started the farm in 2019 when Derrick was looking for a career change from the U.S Army. They started with chickens and haven't looked back since.

Wanda & Kenneth Hammock are one of our beef ranches. They are raising grass fed beef in Caswell County, NC and they also manage our dairy coop of several small producers. Their beeves are on grass all year for 36 - 48 months before harvesting. They are fed and finished on grass. These creatures are bred to thrive on grass. They are raised on soils that are chemical free and packed with life giving force.

Ronnie and Stephanie Moore bring us the most amazing beyond organic chemical free seasonal vegetables, nuts and herbs year round. Their vegetables and fruits are heirloom varieties, NEVER GMO or Round-Up Ready varieties. They practice integrated pest management. It's about striking that crucial balance between protecting crops and protecting the environment by encouraging natural biological control.

Mike Faucette, his son Tyler Faucette and their family offer us organic certified mushrooms, medicinal root veggies, GMO FREE cornmeal & grits that they mill right on their farm near Greensboro.

Enjoy Certified Naturally Grown microgreens produced right here in the heart of Raleigh, NC. Sweet Peas Urban Garden is offering their "Pre-teen" Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. Everything they offer is always grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The team at Sweet Peas Urban Gardens believes that urban farming is fundamental to the creation of healthy, sustainable food production for our growing metropolitan society. As more folks flock to revitalize inner cities and neighborhoods, the demand for locally produced fresh food is expanding, catalyzing a re-evaluation of the potential of these traditionally non-agricultural landscapes. Moving from rural fields of row crops to dense neighborhood farms and gardens constitutes an urgent and exciting transition.

Penny Lewis of "It's a NO GRAINER" is our grain free baker and farm Cookie. She is using regenerative ingredients in her farm jarred prepared meals and her grain free baked special treats. Her components for our meals include our very own regenerative beef and chicken, regenerative animal fats that she renders herself, farm fresh produce, raw honey, pasture raised duck eggs, grass raw milk and raw butter. Penny bakes with nutrient dense cassava, pureed vegetables and some nut batters sourced from conscious growers. Let her surprise and delight you with her farm kitchen creations.

Scott Conary of Carrboro Coffee Roasters is bringing us the best tasting highest quality coffees in the world. Carrboro Coffee Roasters is a local business with a worldwide reach that is committed to community. This is seen in their dedication to building sustainable, direct relationships with coffee farmers, and sharing those relationships back home. This broad sense of community directly connects them to the crop in the same way farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants do. In the process, they are providing a better product and a better life for coffee growing farmers. Carrboro Coffees Direct Relationship Coffees are sourced with these ideals in mind, and are the result of Scott Conary's frequent visits to origin. In addition to finding the best tasting highest quality coffees in the world, they are careful to select coffee that is grown and processed humanely and sustainably, and allows the farmers the means to live decently.

Mark Beddingfield, offers us pasture raised duck & duck eggs ! uncle Mark's great grandfather, Charles David Beddingfield, started farming in Pine Ridge, North Carolina in the late 1800's. The next two generations continued farming, practicing methods passed down from previous generations. The farm was briefly leased out to local farmers until Hayes (Mark's nephew) moved to the farm with the intentions on continuing the family farm, only this time practicing strict regenerative methods beneficial to everything involved. (Plants, animal, people, and land).

Susanne Sprague, founder and owner of SigNATURE Suds, is our very own designer of all things pure and natural to care for the largest organ of our body, our skin! SigNATURE Suds is proud to offer a variety of high-quality all natural products that are "Made Simply with the Environment in Mind". Her products are made by taking elements from nature and mixing them together to make nourishing soaps, lotions and other cleansers and moisturizers without any synthetic or petroleum based materials. We are very fortunate to have such a conscious chemist who incorporates sustainable manufacturing practices in every aspect of her work to produce the finest products for us to use. NO SOY- NO PHOSPHATES- NO GMOS-NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS EVER