Niti's chicken & kale soup

1 pack of Fat Radish Farms Chicken Backs & Necks (You can also use a WHOLE BIRD or leg quarters or drums and thighs - any bone in meat!)
2 inches fresh organic ginger root from Faucette Farms
2 inches fresh organic turmeric root
6 Quarts Le Bleu Distilled & Ozonated Water

Combine all the ingredients in the crock pot and cook on low for 8-10 hours. I made this in an 8 quart crock pot. The backs cooked in the crock on low for 9 hours.

SOUP PREP: I strained the broth and then replaced the broth in the crock pot after I washed the crock. I then picked the meat that I easily could pull from the backs and neck which I reserved in a bowl.

Next, I shredded a large bag (equal in size to the 11oz. organic spinach containers in the store) of Moore Family Farm Kale in my cuisinart. I find that kale is much more palatable when shredded finely and because it is such a hearty green it doesn't dissolve into a slimy paste when you wish to enjoy greens in soups and stews. I LOVE KALE!
1 large Moore Family Farm Onion diced
1" fresh organic Faucette Farm ginger root minced
1" fresh organic turmeric root minced
1 TBLSP Real Salt
1/2 cup ghee

In a large sauté pan start glazing the onions in a 1/4 cup of ghee. When the onions become clear add half the shredded kale and a little more ghee. Keep moving the onions and kale until the kale shrinks into half its size and then add all the minced ginger & turmeric root to the pan with a little more ghee. Blend well and then add the remainder of the kale and all the salt. When the kale cooks down add the chicken that was reserved in a bowl and splash in a little of the broth to keep everything from sticking to the pan. When the ingredients have blended well and the chicken has browned a little remove the mixture from the stove and add to the broth in the crock pot.

Sometimes I do this at night after the broth has been cooking all day. If I do this in the evening, I will leave the hot mix with the crock covered on the counter til morning. When we wake up, I turn the crock on LOW and let the soup simmer for 3-4 hours then serve. I have also made the broth overnight and the rest of this soup recipe in the morning or late afternoon so the soup simmers on low til lunch or dinner depending on when I need to serve it. I jar the leftovers because this yields about 3 quarts and a pint jar's worth of soup. We normally have 2 quart jars left over each time we make it so for our family this recipe makes three HEARTY meals! Served with 3-4 pinches of microgreens you can really spoil any guests you might be entertaining.