Several of the CSA members have been asking lately about the raw pet food we offer. I asked some veterinarians about it and none of them felt that raw pet pork could hurt dogs; they rather recommend real meat over the imitation pet food. They felt that the processed pet food is as harmful to pets as our human imitation food is to us. I am not an expert on the matter so please read this response to one of my inquiries and check out the links to figure out what is best for your dog. I believe the pet grade food is a mix of organ meat, meat and bone.
  • Pork is absolutely fine to feed and is one of the cheaper sources of meat (aside from chicken) that you can feed your dog.  The bones are perfectly digestible, contrary to what some people are telling you.  
  • Any dog can eat just about any meat.  It is very rare for a dog to be allergic to raw, unprocessed meat.  
  • Are you interested in supplementing your current feedings or using them as a primary source of food?  You can certainly feed your dog raw meats, but you need to include 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ meat (liver and kidney).  
  • To research the proper prey model raw diet, visit
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