Regenerative ALL MEAT Chili

2 lbs. Mob Grazed Ground Beef (you can mix a pack of ground beef, veal and pork to make this chili really out of this world) *if you use 3# meat use double the garam masala and salt. Rest can remain the same.

½ pound ALL BEEF Andouille Sausage, diced OR 8 of our HOT DOGS sliced or diced, however you would enjoy them most in your household. *we use these in lieu of beans*

¼ cup beef tallow, ghee or pork lard

1 extra-large red onion diced finely

1 rib organic celery diced finely

1 whole hand of garlic peeled and minced

1 thumbs worth of peeled and minced ginger root

1 pinkies worth of peeled and minced turmeric root

1 heaping tablespoon garam masala

1 heaping teaspoon REAL SALT- or salt to taste

1/2 cup beef bone broth

Begin by taking the garam masala & salt to evenly season the ground beef (or blended ground meats). Really take your time blending the meat and seasoning together. It helps to have your ground meat at room temperature. Reserve this well seasoned meat in the slow cooker. Top with the chopped sausage or hot dogs.

Combine the fresh minced celery and other medicinal roots in a skillet with your choice of fat. Blend the fat well with the fresh celery and roots. Once they are nicely blended, turn the stove on to a medium high flame and saute. You want to keep these veggies moving and enjoy the release of their fabulous flavors into the fat.

Once the onions have glazed over and are on the verge of browning, pour the mixture over the meats in the crockpot and stir everything in nicely. Add the bone broth, cover and cook on high for 5-6 hours or on low for 7-8 hours. Enjoy in a mug, chili bowl or in a thermos on the go! 

Make it a more formal meal by topping a baked potato, enjoying with fermented cast iron cornbread, top Siete's almond flour tortilla chips for a sporty nacho dish. The possibilities are endless, but there is no need to do much because this dish stands alone beautifully.  

Serves 8-12.