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Jessica's Carnivore Cookbook is a must have resource for anyone who is new to buying and cooking with regenerative soil based meats in the way that nature intended. When you click on the book below you can purchase this treasure and support our mission to reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system while you are at it.

So many of us had gotten so far away from cooking that now there are 3 generations of Americans who never learnt these basic life skills. You do not have to be a culinary expert to be successful. With Jessica’s beautifully outlined instruction, you can easily gain confidence in cooking and enjoying meat!

These flavorful meats raised as nature intended do not require a lot of help to taste good, feel good and to heal you. Jessica does a beautiful job showing everyone exactly how to honor regenerative meat in a sustainable way so nothing is wasted. She teaches you how to experience the meats with just the right amount of elevation using sauces, herbs, raw dairy and medicinal animal fats.

Tristan and Jessica Haggard are entrepreneurs who work from home. They lead their online community into greater realms of holistic health and wellness. As husband and wife, they work to teach you how to build healthy habits as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. As parents who homeschool, they set an example for their children and promote family-centric living.

In 2010 they took a huge leap of faith and transplanted their lives from the coast of California to the tops of the Ecuadorian Andes. They broke away from the old standard and took action to change their lives. This was only one (although perhaps the most extreme) way they took action to define their lifestyle.


It doesn’t mean a move to a different country; just begin one step at a time to change what you expect from life, the future, and yourself.

Tristan and Jessica have affiliated with Farm to Fork Meat so that our Army of Meena's can take advantage of the wonderful resources they offer while supporting our nonprofit mission work to elevate regenerative meat producers everywhere.

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