I hope to use this blog as a tool to get everyone out there thinking about your family’s health and about what is going on in our country when it comes to basic human rights such as the right to choose what to eat or drink. I am not interested in doing this to get everyone to join my CSA- I can’t feed everyone and my CSA doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. You can however benefit from new perspectives and I hope to offer you a slant that may cause you to have a spark about the way you nourish your family or the way you advocate for anything you feel passionate about in this lifetime.
Before blogging I regularly sent out educational e-mails to my CSA members. My latest e-mail was regarding the use of Canola Oil,rather all the reasons to BAN IT from your home. I immediately received 3 e-mails from members who sent me links from SNOPES or URBAN LEGENDS. I really want to know who the grand wizard is sitting behind these on line masters of the universe style websites who have programmed the American public to refer to them when in doubt about practically anything.
Has it ever occurred to anyone else that there has to be some human being somewhere filling those pages up with information? Who are those people? What makes them qualified to write out the “facts” on the internet and declare what is truth or not? Any human being writing anything would have some perspective that would be skewed based on their experience or knowledge about a subject. Who are these knower’s of all things?
I post information or share information with my membership only after I have had some personal experience on the subject. I have no desire to pass on any data which I have not thoroughly investigated. I am not claiming to be an expert on anything and I do not claim to be correct. I am just a stay at home Mom who was living under a gun frantically searching under every stone on this earth to save my daughter who was fighting for her life at the ripe age of 2 years and 4 months old. Therefore, based on that experience I share my perspective.
I have not shared the details of my daughters’ story with really anyone; however I would like to share one experience which has left me empowered. I feel empowered to follow the words of Dr. Weston A. Price and teach, teach, teach about proper nutrition. Perhaps something I say will help someone out there avoid suffering needlessly in this lifetime. I want to begin by letting everyone know that our media and medical professionals are all GAGGED from speaking the truth about anything remotely hopeful when it comes to avoiding or curing cancer.
When we were searching for solutions to save Meenakshi, I was given foods, environmental, household products, etc. to research while my husband researched alternative medical therapies. Don’t worry, we aren’t as organized as it appears here in this writing, those were our interests and so we unwittingly forged ahead with our research for answers to help our baby. We would pass notes, e-mails, etc. back and forth as we passed each other in the corridor each day as he would stay with Meenakshi each night and I would be there all day. We rarely saw each other and after 6 months of this madness we practically forgot how to talk to each other. After meetings with the physicians where we took extensive notes and even tape recorded the meetings so we could later go back to research what the doctors were saying, we would discuss them at length with our parents and then collectively decide how to proceed. During this time I was pregnant with our 3rd child Jaya and our precious Meenakshi was undergoing chemotherapy as we worked frantically to figure out how else to proceed. We lived at Duke for the better part of each month while my sister and her family graciously cared for my then 3 year old son, Kavi.
All my research pointed toward getting out of the chemotherapy experiment. When I finally convinced my husband to leave Duke after consulting the doctors at Harvard and conversations with our parents, we brought Meenakshi home. We scheduled her Make-A-Wish trip and then prayed she would live long enough to meet her new baby sister or brother because Duke told us she would not live more than a couple of weeks without their chemotherapy.
We chose to follow any natural therapies we could find and only eat real food from real farms. We followed a strict Paleolithic style diet at first because we didn’t know which food sources we could really trust. The motto in our home at that time was “If a cave man didn’t eat it- we don’t need it!” Our extended family thought we went bonkers and our parents felt that I was an extreme radical crazy person. They couldn’t understand how anyone could live without dairy products, bread, potato chips and restaurant food from time to time. They kept preaching everything should be consumed in moderation. I agree that everything should be consumed in moderation when it is real and natural food to nourish our bodies, not when it is chemically made imitation food including factory raised imitation meat! That is not food- perhaps it is space food?
We had to make some very tough choices and who knew what the outcome would be and then who would be blamed if the choices we made failed. This was the path we were taking and so I took every ounce of imitation food in our house and literally threw it away. My husband came home and all the cabinets and fridge and freezer were laid out in piles all over the kitchen. I showed it to him and told him we would never buy those things again and then I threw them in the trash. He was shocked and perhaps a bit angry asking why I wouldn’t donate the food?! I told him that I could not understand why I would take poison and feed it to the less fortunate.
He had no words, but I feel that he must have known from the look in my eyes that the food I was throwing out wasn’t worth arguing over. We had just spent the last 6 months of our lives watching the families we had gotten to know at the hospital lose their children one by one. The hard truth is they all died. There were some that would go home in remission for a short time, but they all came back within weeks with more cancer all over them and they died within a few days.
We remained determined to fight for our daughter’s life as any parent would be doing and if that meant we had to make a lifestyle change it was a no brainer, we simply did it. What we experienced was amazing. Within 6 months of our new diet and natural medicine protocol we were able to arrest Meenakshi’s solid mass tumor when Duke could not, this means her tumor became necrotic or it died. We knew this because we had an MRI done to check on her and the tumor had not changed in size, but it was no longer vascular- no blood was feeding it. Duke had nothing to say and when I tried to go over what we had been doing at home the doctor said, “Let me get a notepad and I will be right back” and she promptly sent in social workers to talk to us. This was the situation every time we wanted to discuss alternative therapies or diet.
We continued our journey and learned more about alkalizing the body’s pH and working toward learning how to manage that balance thru diet. Meenakshi was recovering and becoming stronger everyday after having suffered thru 5 treacherous rounds of chemo. She was now doing all the things any 2-3 year old child would want to do. After 6 more months we had another MRI and this time it showed us that the tumor had converted into a cyst! It was going away we thought! The Dukies still did not want to speak with us about what we were doing. I have realized now that they are not allowed to speak to us, they have a gag order against having that discussion and they are under the threat of losing their license. I find this amazing since they have an alternative health department at their university!
I am sharing all this with you because it was the crux on which my journey to find healing foods and holistic health solutions was reinforced and thus I began to unfold the heavy layers of iron curtains that protect our unethical food and health system. Food is medicine, I have always known this and now if there are any folks out there in doubt, I have medical proof. It doesn’t however work as fast as chemicals and synthetic drugs with horrible side effects do. Food works in its own sweet time, on the pace of everything that is living. Sadly, cancer patients don’t have that much time and especially young children who are developing and growing at such a high metabolic rate. The cancer works 10 times faster in them than it does in adults. The 2 years we earned with Meenakshi by making our dramatic lifestyle change was equal to 20 years an adult could have enjoyed with their slower metabolic rate.
This was the beginning to why I live the way I do. Moreover, this was the reason why Farm to Fork Meat was born. In 2009 my farmers began to tell me that they probably wouldn’t have their farm for more than another 5 years because no one appreciated the food they were providing and they couldn’t continue to survive if demand for their food did not pick up. Well, this was not going to work for me and my family. We are not farmers and I figured if I wasn’t going to be able to raise all our own food we had better do something. I decided to start raising awareness about real food by starting the CSA program and having Farm to Fork Meat parties, you know like the Mary Kay and Silpada women~ and well here we are today. This is the root of where my passion for local food for my family began. We grew up on this food because my mother cooked every day- even as a single mom, she made all our meals every single day.
I feel blessed that she cooked and she used all the farm fresh foods that were plentiful at that time all around us. I want to ensure that those foods remain available for our children and all the future generations. That is why we have to continue to support local family farms and we have to cook and teach our children to cook. Food is medicine, it is not something we just have in our lives as a chore to fuel us- it is meant to be relished.
For those folks who want to believe a little bit of canola oil can’t hurt, I would ask, exactly how much poison is ok for your precious children to ingest everyday? Are you willing to let some website without a face or soul dictate the truth about an ingredient that is potentially lethal or are you willing to take the time to do the research yourself?
Riotly yours, Niti