The Centralized Food System has collapsed as I predicted it might, in my book.



We are eaters and farmers reestablishing the small family farm food system.


Farm to Fork Meat Riot is a private, not for profit, Community Supported Farming (CSF) Program. Gifts, monetary donations, and the fees we charge for our programs 100% fund our infrastructure and the living men and women who share their wisdom from the goodness of their hearts. 

We operate as fiduciaries who are teaching eaters how to use real food as medicine while providing an education for small family farmers who wish to learn how to farm regeneratively. We also offer a member's only Community Supported Farming (CSF) program for those who are interested in participating in a solution for grass-based foods TODAY. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina at Regeneration Station.


Regeneration Station

4200 Atlantic Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: 984-200-5275


This is a MEMBERS ONLY SPACE. We are not open to the general public like a “store” or centralized Farmers Market that meets the British Territorial and Papal Municipal standards. The British Territorial and Papal Municipal government subcontractors who are currently establishing these corporate standards are below the standards all living men and women. We hold superior, concurrent, general jurisdiction and our standards are superior to theirs for our health, our healing and for our land and soil.

This is a private food system that is a counter economic strategy to circumvent the corporatocratic industrial centralized system that cannot honor life giving force required by living men, women and their sons and daughters. We honor the life of all the beasts of the planet that we have been assigned dominion over and we are stewarding them based on the goodness of our hearts, the solid Laws of Nature and not based on the arrogant man made philosophies and scientific theories.

Our doors REMAIN LOCKED AT ALL TIMES. Only members gain access. Interested in being a member?

You can book an interview so we can learn more about each other.


You can read the book “Farm to Fork Meat Riot – Regenerating Life-Giving Force #GetOutOfTheGroceryStore” by Niti Bali | Founder of Farm to Fork Meat Riot Private, not for profit community to learn more about HOW your membership here might be valuable to you and your family. The book is available to purchase anywhere you like to buy your books, including from this website, just click here.


You can hear why we are doing this by tuning into the videos and audio podcast episodes listed on our MEDIA PAGE on this website.

Follow us on YouTube to learn even more about why Regenerative Meat matters by clicking here.


Farm to Fork Meat Community Supported Farming Program Membership Levels


EATERS:  Our commitment to you is that you will always have access to regenerative meat. We do the “prepping” collectively for the entire membership, so no one is left without all that they need. 

When taking responsibility for your own food there is no such thing as a "SALE" on meat, milk or eggs. Raising livestock, being responsible for thousands of heartbeats is never less work. There are no discounts. So you are always putting in the time and love and work to care for those heartbeats. You are always feeding them and providing husbandry and security for them. There is no such thing as a DISCOUNT on REAL meat, milk, eggs or fish.

If you are interested in saving money when buying these items, you have an opportunity to make a commitment for a year where you buy the whole beast from nose to tail in monthly increments of 15 or 20 lbs. This requires a Subscription Membership. 

  • If you shop a la carte - it means you buy one cut or piece at a time (1 pound of ground beef, or 1 steak that you like or a 2 pack of just leg quarters, or a chicken breast). 
  • Subscribing for beef, pork, chicken or having weekly standing orders for milk or eggs means that you are signing up for a fixed amount of one of these items to purchase every week or month, all year long. This commitment allows producers to make projections regarding how many livestock they need to raise and provide husbandry for. This commitment allows farms to have a foothold with pre-sold items each season and ensure a ZERO waste production cycle.


·      A la Carte CSF Member - $100 Annual membership (renews every Jan 1st) + $50 Monthly CSA Fee (bills every 1st of the month) + $10 weekly purchase requirement = Full access to all day trip seafood, produce, coaching, special events and Little General Store items. A la carte shopping for meats, fats, eggs and dairy + Meat Bundle Access based on availability - but no subscription access for meat, eggs or dairy.

·   CSF Subscriber Member - $300 Annual Membership(renews every Jan 1st) + $50 Monthly CSA Fee (bills every 1st of the month) + $10 weekly purchase requirement = All the above plus full access to all subscriptions. Our subscribers have priority over everyone for meat, eggs and milk when there are rations because of their commitment to the farm production all year long.*Our Most popular membership type*

·      CSF Business Member - $700 Annual Membership(renews every Jan 1st) + $70 Monthly CSA Fee (bills every 1st of the month) (no weekly minimum purchase requirement) = All access to everything above. Business members are generally our members who are traveling frequently or are otherwise unable to shop weekly due to the nature of their work but they value our service and want priority during times of rations for supporting us with our larger projects on a consistent basis year round.


*Weekly members are required to make a minimum $10 weekly purchase or make a $10 donation towards our cause. This is auto billed on your account if you do not shop. *farm subscriptions and prepared foods do not count towards your $10 minimum.*To activate your membership, you will have to interview with us after your register on the website. It will not activate manually. The new member interview is booked on ZOOM.

*CSF Service is renewed monthly with the CSA Fee. 30 days written notice is required to quit the CSA and to stop subscriptions or standing orders. Membership renews every January 1st  with membership fees that auto bill on the 1st of every new year. End of year membership cancellation notice is required in writing by Thanksgiving so we have enough time to reconcile all your accounts and stop Annual Membership Fee from auto-billing. WE DO NOT REFUND FEES.

*Real food requires personal responsibility so there is no recourse here if you mishandle your food. READ THE LEGAL TAB. All members operate at your own risk. Your membership fee, and your monthly CSF fee, when it is charged and paid, is your agreement that you know and comprehend this statement.

*James Yeager's Tactical Response Alumni should ask Niti directly about Alumni Membership.


PRODUCERS: Our Commitment to you is that you will be able to grow organically without unnatural pressure to produce regenerative livestock as nature intended while we handle educating eaters. We provide conscious consumption at whatever level you need as you organically scale your operation to as big as you want it to be. You fill the fridges and freezers, and we empty them for you. Our work is to help you gain a foothold. Schedule an appointment to come and see how we do this.


·      $10 annual membership fee plus

·      Pop-Up Vendor – ONE TIME market access: $75

·      Pop-Up Vendor – MONTHLY market access: $25/monthly management fee

·      Homestead/Artisan Vendor – Bring your fridge/freezer: $75/monthly management fee

·      Homestead/Artisan Vendor – Share our fridge/freezer: $100/monthly management fee

·       Regenerative Livestock Farmer/Rancher – Provide your fridge or freezer + $250/monthly management fee per species/appliance. *it is customary to have a separate freezer per species and generally required to safely, effectively and efficiently offer product to the eaters.


*Homesteader/Artisan defined as a seasonal or limited inventory producer whose gross sales do not exceed $1000/month. If you provide a fridge or freezer and product, we may entertain a consignment deal.


*Pop-Up Vendors who we partner with would include those who produce/practice/create soaps/lotions/handmade health & beauty products/handmade natural cleaners/wood crafts/basket makers/natural candle makers/seasonal jam and ferment makers/massage therapists/reiki masters/gemstone artisans/garden artists/painters and other artists/knitters/all-natural hair stylists/coffee roasters/fabric artists and seamstresses/knife sharpeners/ask us if you fit this category. *No 3rd party wholesale products - you should be the producer of anything you offer at our pop-up markets.


*Food Church Laws are acknowledged monthly when the CSF Fee payment is made. Annual Membership renews every January 1st regardless of when you joined and when you pay this fee you acknowledge and accept responsibility for your participation in our program under our Private Agreement and our Food Church rules which become Law when you pay each month. Thirty days written notice is required to quit the CSF and to stop subscriptions, and standing orders. Notice to stop annual membership billing is due in writing by Thanksgiving. WE DO NOT REFUND FEES.


Your commitment to us should be full transparency of your practices and food with integrity.



Your commitment to us should be to take full personal responsibility and support us by understanding that a litigious society is based on lies and manipulation and a robust society is built on truth, freedom and integrity – NOT the politically correct statement of “the customer is always right”, rather we offer NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH here.