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The Centralized Food System has collapsed
as I predicted it might, in my book.

I have been teaching about the fragile nature of our centralized food system since 2008. 

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OUR MISSION |  Welcome to the Meat Riot!

Farm to Fork Meat Riot Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts, monetary donations, and the fees we charge for our programs are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. Our funding supports the education of our global community as well as the education for small family farms who wish to learn how to farm holistically as defined on our home page. We also offer a member's only Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for those who are interested in participating in a solution for grass based foods TODAY. 

We are working as a catalyst to reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system while educating the consumers how to participate & support it.

OUR CSA | The Real Food Solution...right NOW.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for the food buying public to enter into a relationship with a farm, receiving a share of the harvest. Typically, to become a member (also called shareholder or subscriber) people make a financial commitment for an entire season. This effort represents a formal mechanism for supplying foods that are raised locally. Members help absorb losses with the farmers as well as share in the rewards of the bountiful harvest. Farmers offer equal shares of their bounty to each member at harvest time. In typical meat CSAs, members receive a whole, half or quarter of an animal. Other programs offer monthly packages containing farmers’ choice items such as roasts, ground meat, a few chops or steaks and soup bones. 

What is a 3rd party modified CSA?

This type of CSA allows the food buying public to buy items weekly a la carte from several farmers, ranchers, anglers & artisans selecting items as you would in a grocery store. 

The differences are: 

  • We are enjoying food security unlike in situations where you go direct to one farmer or a centralized corporation. Most CSA's are only supporting ONE FARM. We partner with several livestock producers and remove all the pressure from one farm family to feed many and share the wealth with as many producers as we can find who want to participate based on our consumption. That way, if a family stops farming for any reason, we are not left without food. 
  • Most CSA's are based on produce and harvests are split equally amongst all members. We are splitting livestock so there are not equal parts of all cuts available to pass out to every member so we allocate subscription boxes to folks in smaller increments and the eaters can take as much or as little as their family needs.
  • In traditional CSA's there are either very limited or no choices in items that are received, everything is always Farmer's Choice. In our CSA, Members choose what they need and can choose to save money by subscribing to farmers choice boxes of meat or veggies, but they can also shop a la carte picking and choosing everything they want.
  • We are rationed at times to ensure that the bounty is shared as equally as possible amongst the members, but we have year round offerings. 

You are supporting all our producers 100% UNLIKE at a centralized grocery store. Our CSA producers are able to manage annual projections based on the consumption of the membership so this is a ZERO WASTE operation. 

Eaters are able to ensure the food production meets their standards. In this case, all the livestock is being raised on living soils that have nutrient rich pastures or in silvo pastures in the woods. Omnivores are on pasture and supplemented with chemical free and gmo free feed rations. We also offer haylage or grasses we harvest during the growing season and store for winter. Members do not rely on labels, corporations or government oversight to ensure our food is nutrient dense. Our CSA Members have taken that responsibility on ourselves.

Buying rules are enforced to ensure proper nose to tail consumption of all the farm products. In exchange for this commitment, the farmers are producing products the regenerative consumers value, cuts they are interested in buying as well as special occasion items such as standing roasts, or novel cuts for holidays or milestone life events. This is a RELATIONSHIP that adds value in both directions for the producers and the consumers.

FAQ | What you need to know if you want to participate in the solution TODAY.

STEP ONE: TUNE IN - Listen to the first 8 episodes of my podcast so you understand what we are doing and why and see if this is something you want to stand up for and support as a private food system. Do you want to take responsibility for your nutrition quality?

STEP TWO: Register on the website and then call me to activate your account. There is an interview involved, so please be sure to TUNE IN to the podcast. When you join, you will receive a copy of my book. The details of our story, more education about how I am working to reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system, details about the quality of our livestock and  testimonials from present and past CSA members are included in the book.

STEP THREE: Each week you can order living soil, grass based animal products, day trip seafood, heirloom produce, raw cheeses, fresh roasted coffee, grain free baked goods and much more a la carte. We serve anyone who is willing to drive to North Raleigh, NC to pick up their score. Currently we serve families across North & South Carolina.

What is the objective of Farm to Fork Meat Riot’s CSA?

The objective of this CSA program is to offer an immediate solution to those Regenerative Consumers that wish to support a greater movement to nourish their families with nutrient dense foods while supporting the reestablishment of the regenerative small family farm food system. This support in responsibly sourcing your nourishment directly contributes towards regenerative living soils which in turn contributes towards improving micro-climates and protecting watersheds. All so we can operate under the Natural Laws of the Universe thus providing a better world. 

Why is the work Farm to Fork Meat Riot is doing necessary?

Consumers are unaware of how industrialized commodity food production is impacting their health & our planet. We believe knowledge is potential power and with the truths revealed, we believe consumers can make better decisions. We stand for FOOD FREEDOM & HEALTH INDEPENDENCE.

We currently have no animal feed standard in our nation. As a result, it is difficult to acquire clean feed for the omnivores and clean hay for the herbivores unless we produce it ourselves. 

All the animal products you find in grocery stores (that serve 10,000+ households each week/ per store), even organic certified, are factory raised and are in a state of disease or are actually enzymatically dead and blank nutritionally speaking. 

Farm to Fork Meat Riot is providing that solution while lifting Regenerative Farmers. Plants & Animals that are less healthy than we are cannot nourish us. 

The current narrative is that COSTS deter people from nourishing their families on grass based foods. 

The truth is that people prioritize their money (which is just a tool) based on their values. So- COST is NOT PROHIBITING people from eating well- their priorities are.

The centralized food system is subsidized and supported by biotech and genetically modified grains. This subsidy convolutes the economy and the result is that plant based proteins and fats are more expensive than your animals based proteins and fats. You should ask WHY.


NEVER in history have animals (meats, milk & eggs) been CHEAPER than PLANTS! Sacrificing a life is now cheaper than HONORING LIFE.

Our objective is to EDUCATE, ADVOCATE & MAKE GRASS BASED FOOD AVAILABLE while allowing the farmers to earn livable wages. The low wages or in some cases NO WAGES are only the first assault of many Human Rights Violations that are happening on commercial industrialized farms every day. 

We do not support or promote that. We are only supporting and promoting a Regenerative Small Family Farm model for real food production.

These grass based foods that our local CSA Farmers are producing are competing against heavily subsidized industrialized food like substances within the corporate structure. You need LESS grass based food to fill your bellies. This means, we can produce less food with more satiating power and more nutrition for greater health. 


What are the options, costs and benefits of being a member?

The Membership fee is due upon sign up and then again every June 1st. This fee pays for our commercial space, our membership with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, produce boxes, egg cartons, coolers and new fridges & freezers as needed. You will also be charged $24.99 for your copy of the book "Farm to Fork Meat Riot" when you join. Membership is required.

WEEKLY CSA MEMBER $1000/yr. and $50/mo. CSA Fee

This is the original membership type that has been in place since 2009.The Annual Membership fee of $1000 and Monthly CSA fee of $50 is exclusive of your weekly purchases. This is the money that supports the infrastructure of this private food system. We can finance the $1000 annual membership fee over the first 6 months of the membership to help soften the costs of joining. Talk to us about the various payment options. 

Both the Annual Membership Fee and the Monthly CSA Fees are 100% tax deductible under the fullest extent of the IRS laws. All profits from food sales go back to the Farm to Fork Meat Riot Non-Profit Corporation to support our education programs and advocacy to create awareness and educate the consumers about Rouge Food and to fund small family farms who are farming under the Farm to Fork Meat Riot standards leaving no trace.

Commit to a minimum $10 weekly purchase. If the $10 minimum purchase amount for the week is not met, you will automatically be billed for a $10 donation towards our cause in its place. You can avoid these $10 donations by placing minimum weekly orders before the week ends. Our week runs from Tuesday to Tuesday and donations are imposed by the end of the week. The $10 donation that we auto bill is non-refundable but it is 100% tax deductible. *Direct farm subscriptions and prepared meal purchases do not count towards your weekly $10 minimum purchase amount.

  • Enjoy Meat & Egg Subscriptions which support producers 100% and save consumers by allowing them to purchase flat rate meats in exchange for their commitment weekly or monthly. 
  • Order a la carte from our weekly offerings  
  • BULK Meat Boxes (Bulk begins with 12 lb. increments of meat & you will know what is in the box you select but NOT commit to the recurring subscription for the year)
  • ENJOY Bulk discounts on Frontier Organic Products & SigNature Suds essential oils soaps, cleaners and lotions.
  • Weekly Dairy Co-Op Access 2 days a week
  • You will have the ability to shop from the snack, beverage & farm fridge a la carte each week.
  • Receive meat consistently year round
  • Receive accessibility to special products such as heritage, high foraging pasture raised turkeys, geese and pastured ducks
  • Earn first right of refusal on membership renewal every June 1. NOTE- Memberships are LIMITED.
  • You can close your account with 2 weeks written notice. Please note that we do not refund fees.

MONTHLY CSA MEMBER | $1200 Annual Membership fee plus $70 per month 

  • No weekly minimum purchase requirements and no a la carte access for meat
  • Order a la carte Seafood, Micro-greens & Produce year-round as needed
  • BULK Meat Boxes & Farmer's Choice Subscriptions (Bulk begins with 12 lb. increments of meat & you will know what is in the box you select)
  • ENJOY Bulk discounts on Frontier Organic Products & have access to order SigNature Suds essential oils soaps, cleaners and lotions each month.
  • Access to Dairy Coop products a la carte as available seasonally
  • You will have the ability to shop from the snack, beverage & farm fridge a la carte each week.

HOME DELIVERY MEMBER $1000 Annual Membership Fee| |  $75 per month 
  • You MUST have at least ONE meat subscription ACTIVE to participate
  • Home delivery offerings are LIMITED to what is listed in this section only.
  • Every month you can order : One Time Premium Meat Boxes (Boxes begin with 5 lb. increments of meat), EGG boxes, meals, fermented beverages, broths & medicinal fats for home delivery.
  • Enjoy Monthly Meal subscriptions (Farm meals - meatballs, soups, broths, chicken or egg salads)
  • Enjoy Monthly Kefir Water & 6-Pack Kombucha subscriptions
  • Enjoy Monthly Beet Kvass Subscriptions
  • Enjoy Monthly Egg Subscriptions (Box of 6 dozen- minimum)
  • PRODUCE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE with home delivery at this time.
  • Earn first right of refusal on membership renewal every June 1. NOTE- Memberships are LIMITED.
  • You can close your account with 1 months written (email works) notice. Please note that we do not refund fees.

What are some of the menu offerings? *Home Delivery does not include all offerings at this time*

Micro greens, micro herbs, wheatgrass, Seasonal Heirloom Produce: Michelle's Fruits, Moore's Fresh Fruits and Veggies and Big John Farmer's Corn and Strawberries come to us chemical free and beyond organic. Our fruits and veggies are tested several times a month by NCDA for chemical residue and have always tested clean.  

High Foraging Soy & GMO Free, Woodland Raised Pork, Chickens & Turkeys.

Mob Grazed meats (beef, lamb, veal, goat)

WILD CAUGHT Seafood (Premium 1-3 day trip hook and line/spear/trawl net caught NC seafood)

High Foraging Soy & GMO FREE geese and duck.

High Foraging Soy & GMO FREE woodland raised chicken eggs.

Living Soil, Grass based RAW rBGH FREE Dairy (yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, seasonal sour cream and butter)

Nutrient Dense, GMO & GRAIN Free Baked Goods using our own raw dairy, pastured duck eggs, honey, grass fed butter and beyond organic fruits and nuts.

Locally roasted Direct Relationship Fair Trade Coffees, Teas and Rooibos

Raw cheeses and grass fed butter

SigNATURE Suds- Soy & GMO FREE-PETROLEUM FREE soaps, lotions, beauty products, detergents and household cleaners.

COCONUT - oils.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from a farm in Greece that is bottled right here in our NC mountains, Calcium Bentonite Clay and so much more.

How do I order & pay?

Sign up to become a member and order online. The online ordering system is open all week. You pre-order on line by midnight on Monday each week and then pick up at our North Raleigh CSA Farm DISTRIBUTION LOCATION: 1053 E. WHITAKER MILL RD., #115 RALEIGH, NC 27604 We are OPEN TO MEMBERS ONLY every Wednesday or Thursday during pick up hours.

How is the meat preserved for pick up each week from the farms?

We are proud to offer meats that are fresh frozen and vacuum sealed the day of processing for day old freshness anytime you open your package. Our seafood is fresh, never frozen. There are no additives such as sulfites or other preservatives added to our meats or seafood.

Are there bye-weeks or breaks for the members?

When members travel you can communicate with us what you can do to honor your commitment.

What did you say about the fees again?

Our food is unadulterated so we do not meet several NCDA, FDA or USDA standards. We do however use USDA and Animal Welfare Butchers/Processors to kill, cut and package all our meats. The poultry is processed on our family farms under NCDA guidelines. We do not have nutrition labels, we do not inject meats with various solutions or wash them in chemicals or use any preservative measures outside of vacuum seals and electrification in the form of freezing. Our eggs are dirty and ungraded, we do not wash them in bleach as required under USDA standards so as a consumer, you need to be made aware of these things and then make a conscious decision to participate or not.

Our fees serve as a protection for us and all the small farm families who produce REAL FOOD that is unadulterated for our member families. When you pay your fees you agree that you are actively seeking these macronutrients rich in micronutrients. 

This food is not found ANYWHERE in the general market place. You can grow and raise your own food to this level but you cannot BUY it anywhere. Since my husband & I had no plans to start farming, we needed to support, advocate for and create a market for the farmers who could nourish our family. 

Because NATURE IS GOOD ENOUGH, our bounty is great and our family of 5 couldn't consume it all so I had to find families to help share the bounty. That is how Farm to Fork Meat was born and why it exists.

For these and many other reasons we are a PRIVATE FOOD SYSTEM and a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Consumers who wish to participate must enlist in the membership and accept and agree to these private terms by paying the fees which are 100% tax deductible under the fullest extent of the IRS laws.

Our food is all seasonal (YES MEATS HAVE SEASONS just like veggies which we ALSO offer!) and we have some strange buying rules to keep the movement sustainable, but other than those few quirks, you have access to the most nutrient dense foods available in NC unless you raise your own livestock and can control their feed and in turn their health.

What are the basic CSA rules and common courtesies for conscious consumption?

Dealing with meat is challenging. There are only a handful of meat CSAs in the whole country and we are the only a la carte meat CSA which offers Soy & GMO Free pasture based meats that also offers fresh line caught seafood, pasture raised local dairy, fresh baked nutrient dense gluten free breads, micro greens year round and seasonal produce. Most of the other ones are only beef (or beef and lamb), giving each member around 30 pounds of meat once a quarter or a half, whole or quarter animal all at one time and the consumer does not choose which cuts they get.

We ask you to be conscious when purchasing beef and pork prime cuts and try to keep a balance by also purchasing ground beef in bulk or patties and pork sausages in equal portions of the prime cuts. This does not have to happen at the same time, however if you know you enjoy steaks, please think about using equal packs of ground beef to help our CSA consume the entire animal sustainably. The same goes for pork sausages. If you enjoy pork chops, pork steaks and pork loins, please think about consuming equal packages of pork sausages also to help consume the entire animal, not just the prime cuts. We appreciate your consciousness in this effort.

Should I join this CSA?

If you are interested in sourcing grass based nutrient dense groceries for your family and you cook regularly every week, this CSA program is for you. If you are interested in supplementing clean meats for your household while shopping at a regular grocery store, you may find this program will not allow you to manage your budget. If you have already made a lifestyle change or are interested in changing your lifestyle to one where you are cooking using grass based ingredients, this CSA is for you.

Veganism is not a natural human diet and it results in muscular degeneration, disease and sterility. We assist recovering vegans regain health and vitality. For assistance in remediating your health after veganism, please schedule a one-on-one coaching session to create your recovery plan.

We are here to advocate for ALL Agrarians! The Producers and The Eaters. Eating is an agrarian act. There is great love here for you.

Register online and then CALL 919-606-0320 To Join The Meat Riot and Join our Army of Meena's!

Our CSA is THE SOLUTION for our greater mission to educate the community at large about how to be a Regenerative Consumer. 

We are fundraising to buy and build our food church. In the meantime, we continue offering a solution from our distribution location:  1053 E. WHITAKER MILL RD., #115 RALEIGH, NC 27604

Please HELP US GROW by making a donation towards our land & building fund TODAY!

Wednesday | 2pm - 6pm
Thursday    | 2pm - 6pm

REGISTER to join our Army Of Meena's & support the Meat Riot TODAY!