Your digestive process begins with seeing, smelling, touching and then tasting the food in your mouth! 

Chewing is a BIG DEAL! 

When you are chewing, you are producing saliva, you are getting the liver enzymes going, you are releasing other enzymes and turning on a plethora of signals within the rest of the digestive systems in the body. 

You are saying, "Get ready to receive nourishment!". 

It is a sacred event to feed and nourish the temple, the body. Nothing about our body systems are an accident. Our body was created with powerful focused and deliberate intention. Every detail was created with perfect timing and cyclical timers to help every cell in the body regenerate, cleanse, heal and work optimally. These sacred details are not something you think about when you are too busy to make a meal, or even sit down to properly eat a meal with loved ones. 

Every step matters and every step has a purpose towards our optimal benefit. People talk about HEALTH but they do not talk about regeneration or the sacred body and they definitely do not speak about the sacred act of putting anything IN THE MOUTH. 

Chewing activates all the digestive systems, it tells the mouth to make room for each of the teeth being used. We are adaptive beings and if you are not using your teeth, the body will adapt in such a way to stop providing whatever is necessary to KEEP TEETH in the mouth! 

You will experience GUM RECESSION since you obviously DO NOT NEED your teeth! 

Children will not make room in their mouths for the incoming teeth if they do not use the ones they already have. JAW LINES and the facial framework will not develop properly if you do not require TEETH! 

 Folks are so busy going to the gym but they aren't nourishing themselves properly with REAL FOOD that requires TIME TO SIT AND CHEW! 

If you have children that do not want to eat meat, it is because they are fragile and will become sickly and they will never be able to operate in their full power as ROBUST and POWERFUL Human Beings. 

They will adapt and they will LIVE, but not without some level of suffering at all times. 

Currently no one knows how powerfully efficient our bodies are and what it feels like to live without suffering. It is our moral obligation as good parents to teach our children to sit at the table to receive nourishment. 

We should sit together and chew our food as many times teeth that we have in the mouth. 

Be sure to use ALL the teeth in the mouth. This simple practice to honor the food as a sacred medicine will change your ability to thrive by leaps and bounds. 


 There is great love here for you.