Eggs are a Superfood. EAT more eggs.

Check out this video that Dr. Greg Barnes, Chiropractor & Maximized Living Health Clinic Owner/Operator made for us to explain how eggs are a SUPERFOOD! Check it out!
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What is Beet Kvass?

Here in my kitchen, we call it blood of the earth. Indeed I do taste the earth when I sip this crimson liquid. Beet Kvass is an age-old tonic associated with many health benefits including efficient hydration. Fermented beverages are the original sports drinks. Like other lacto-fermented drinks, kvass is more hydrating than even water. In order to remain hydrated, our bodies require a balance of electrolytes. Cultured beverages like kvass help restore this balance without the sugar and preservatives of modern “sport drinks”.
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Shrimp and Scallops in Wine Sauce

Shrimp & Scallops make a fantastic fast food that is filling, delicious and can be easily paired with any vegetable, top a salad, baked potato or stand alone.
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